Friday, December 27, 2013

life is a struggle, jihad is struggle, life is jihad


Lately there has been uproars on the social networks and alternative medias about the rise of living costs and subsidies cuts in Malaysia starting 2014. in less that a year, the new appointed government (mind you, the same political party since Malaysia's independence) has gone the other way from their promises. up until now, ive only seen one person who was a bn supporter complained on facebook about the rise of cost of living. im not sure if the rest are still being fooled by the government or they just suffer in silence. hopefully they are ashamed for the vote they made in ge 2013

however, this isnt the topic i particularly want to discuss here. looking at the struggles my fellow malaysians are (or will be) facing made me thinking. life is actually a struggle. human life might have been easier since the dawn of civilisation but  nevertheless to survive on this world is not easy.

going back before there was any civilisation, humans lived in small communities in places like caves or tents. back then, there were a lot of huge carnivores which preyed upon humans. life was savage. it was literally living like wild animals- find food and avoid being a food. there was no sympathy. natural selection is on action.

but then we went beyond that. humans discovered farming and excess food can be made. consequently, human population increased. as population became bigger, town got larger and there is a need
for a governing body. maybe this was the time that society began to stratify into classes. before, everyone is equal. everyone needs to hunt and find food, but now there are kings, elites, citizens and slaves. life might be easier for the kings and elites but normal citizens and slaves still living 'kais pagi makan pagi'

have we changed since then?

in a lot of places, a representative groups of people nominated by citizens have replaced kings and emperors. however, inequalities in wealth still exists. just the other day, i watched a documentary about life of billionaires. Bill Gates, currently known as the richest person in the world makes 4 millions dollars a night. that is more than 3 generations of normal people could make in their lifetime! thinking that these billionaires complained  that they have more money that they could spend while most people in the world still struggle to make ends meet is just insane.

First world Problems II - i have more money than i could spend

i thought we have managed to escape natural selection. i could not be more wrong. a new form of environmental pressure called free market is at play. money makes you strong in this society. i suppose this is capitalism at it's extreme.

however, i believe it is government's duty to stop free market from going rampage. it is government's responsibility to distribute wealth equally. but what happens when government turns their faces away? instead of narrowing the inequality gap, they are the one chasing after power and money. who then, could save humanity?

no, not you superman...

suddenly i am reminded by God's messages to all his prophets. rarely did God appointed the elites as His prophets. and his messages always include: 'give to the poor, be humble, human are all equal'.

and i suddenly remember about this video:
does money make you mean?

we as human have long way to learn how to better govern a society.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tom Daley coming out


sebenarnya saya ada nak buat satu entry mengenai kematian Paul Walker kelmarin, tapi stuck tgah jalan tak tahu nak tulis apa. n then the next day tiba tiba kelua pulak berita Tom Daley dating dengan lelaki.

There seems to be a variety of reactions toward his coming out story. cerita tentang dia coming out boleh tgok kat video youtube link berikut

saya menganggap saya ada gaydar yang boleh dibanggai jugaklah. sebelum ni tgok Tom Daley dalam pelbagai acara sukan yang dia sertai, saya tak rasa pulak y dia ni gay. he just comes across as a happy young guy taking life as it is. and he is such a talented young man. to come bronze for olympic 2012 at that age is very impressive.

the story of him coming out struck me. one question comes to mind. is it still relevant to label people as straight or gay? sexuality is not as black and white as what people normally perceive. for that matter, i believe nothing in this world is black white. dalam video tu dia cakap dia pernah ada girlfriend sebelum ni n then he dated a guy and that makes him feels happy. i wonder what was his feeling during his first date with the guy? sebagai seorang y x pernah dating lelaki sebelum, apa perasaanya bila tiba tiba kena kelua dating dgan lelaki? is if offensive if a gay guy asking a straight guy for a date?

i have a story of my own actually when it comes to asking people out. well, more to confessing my feeling. saya pernah bgtau seorg lelaki y saya suka pada dia. turned out, he is straight and have a girlfriend. masa tu memg rasa macam dunia nak runtuh sebab segan y teramat. but i glad i did it. come to think of it now, is it more embarassing to me or to him? is a love proposal from a another man, makes you less masculine?

saya punya definisi of masculine x melibatkan seksualiti sebagai faktor. in fact, pada pendapat saya, perempuan pun boleh ada sifat sifat maskulin. n i dont think it should be something to be embarrassed about because it defines you as individual.

coming back to the story of sexuality and coming out. i wonder how other's experiences in coming out are like? ada orang cakap, "it just clicked" or "feel right". ada org cakap, he/she has always has that feeling. Tom Daley cakap "he always think there is a possibility for him dating a guy". saya pulak dah memang lama ada kecenderungan terhadap lelaki, tetapi selama ni saya cuma pendam je.

coming back to my label, or rather un-label of sexuality. kalau orang straight boleh dating orang gay, is it normal or possible to do it the other way around?

apa pun, saya gembira y Tom Daley open dengan apa y dia lakukan and happy with it. wish him a long lasting relationship